Sisters Kathy and Charlene spent years creating toffee to the delight of husbands and happy children.

This carefully nurtured recipe was so decadent and sublime — it begged to be shared.

Gift Giving was Never Easier – Or More Appreciated!

How you celebrate says a lot about you. And Small Batch Toffee says it all. Bursting with flavorful delight, it says you care! Order Small Batch Toffee today!

practically magic

Like most toffees built on ancient English tradition, it uses the simplest of ingredients, hand selected for purity. These simple ingredients transform into such a magnificent treat, it’s practically magic. No artificial anything — just wholesome ingredients, lovingly blended and cooled to perfection. The recipe remains a well-guarded secret.

Every Batch – A Small Batch

Small batch processing means that every single package of Small Batch Toffee is created individually — for you — when you place your order. This guarantees the same yummy goodness it’s had since its beginning.

We also do corporate gifting and favors!

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